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Rating the Rankers!

Initial findings from an international research evaluation working group suggests that the organisations behind university world rankings merit some scrutiny themselves.

Looking at six of the largest and most influential world university rankings, members of the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Evaluation Working Group used their five-step process called SCOPE to assess them on a number of community-developed criteria centred around good governance, transparency, measuring what matters and rigour.

The group found that while most of the ranking organisations made some efforts towards good governance, there were clear weaknesses in terms of declaring conflicts of interest.

The rankers’ aims and methods were generally transparent, although this was not necessarily borne out by others’ ability to replicate the data, data availability or financial transparency.

Most rankings underperformed when it came to measuring what matters, all failing to tailor their offer to different audiences and showing unfair bias to some groups. Finally, university rankings, which are most criticised for their methodological invalidity, generally scored very poorly when it came to implementing rigorous methods.

Convenor of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group, Dr Lizzie Gadd, said:there is clearly work to be done here, and we hope that our rating clearly highlights what needs to be done and by whom. The world university rankings currently fail to meet community expectations around fair, meaningful, and responsible evaluation. We hope that this work will provide ranking organisations, and those that rely on them for decision-making, an opportunity to reflect and reconsider their approach.”

For further information, Rethinking the rankings, a blogpost by Lizzie Gadd and Richard Holmes can be found on the ARMA website at https://arma.ac.uk/rethinking-the-rankings/

Contact Lizzie Gadd at e.a.gadd@lboro.ac.uk,  Twitter: @lizziegadd

For further information on INORMS, visit www.inorms.net.

INORMS har to norske medlemmer i dette arbeidet; professor Nils Pharo og seniorrådgiver Tanja Strøm ved OsloMet

The INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group’s two work-packages

The INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group’s two work-packages are now nearing completion and we have had a lot of positive feedback about our work.  Of particular interest has been the development of the SCOPE model – a five stage process for evaluating responsibly. We are now keen to understand how this process is being used and by whom, so we can share case studies with the wider community and build on this work.  To this end, if you’re using the SCOPE model in any way – for training, for assessing existing evaluations or developing new ones, we’d really love to hear from you!  Similarly, if you’re not yet using it, but would like to provide a comment on its value or how you see it being used, do get in touch.

You may either respond to tanja.strom@oslomet.no, or directly to sub-group leader, Laura Himanen (TAU) laura.himanen@tuni.fi

We look forward to hearing from you!

Invitation to Participate in Survey Exploring the Value of Research Administration in Effective International Research

You are being invited to take part in a research study as part of a project undertaken as part of a Research Fellowship through the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI). Whether you take part is up to you.

The purpose of this research is to understand what our roles and responsibilities are and what we value within research administration and management to ensure effective research activity as it specifically pertains to international collaborations.

You have been invited to participate because you are a member of at least one professional association involved in or related to the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS).

Deadline: May 30, 2020

On behalf of Angela White-Jones, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, University of Central Florida

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RAAAP-2: Siste frist 13. desember. Responsen har vært stor; tusen takk – men vi ønsker at flere skal svare!

Den internasjonale spørreundersøkelsen om forskningsadministrasjon (RAAAP-2: Research Administration As A Profession) har siste frist for besvarelse fredag den 13. desember, selveste Luciadagen.

NARMA oppfordrer alle innen faget til å bidra med å avdekke hva som kjennetegner forskningsadministrasjon slik at vi kan styrke oss som fagfelt!

Responsen har vært stor, men vi ønsker at enda flere skal svare. Målet er et solid datagrunnlag for gode analyser og ditt svar teller!

Les mer her om hvordan du kan delta!

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Hva er god forskningsadministrasjon?


Gjennom en internasjonal spørreundersøkelse ønsker man å identifisere de viktigste kompetanser, ferdigheter, holdninger og atferd i forskningsadministrasjon. Det er INORMS, det internasjonale nettverket for forskningsadministrasjon, i samarbeid med nasjonale nettverk som NARMA, som står bak den kommende spørreundersøkelsen.


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Call for topics til EARMA-konferansen 2020 – frist 1. oktober 2019

EARMA 2020 konferansen vil finne sted på Oslo Kongressenter, den 27.- 29. april 2020.

The Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC) inviterer nå til innsending av muntlig- og posterbidrag til EARMA-konferansen 2020 -programmet med fokus på temaet Evolution or Revolution of Research Management and Administration. Call for topics er åpent fra 1. august og stenges 1. oktober 2019.

Hvem kan sende inn bidrag?

Tema for presentasjonen må være av interesse for RMA (Research Management and Administration) miljøet, men hvem som helst kan sende inn bidrag. Det er ønske om bidrag fra forskningskontorer, nasjonale og internasjonale forskningsfinansiører, spesielt de som aldri eller sjeldent har presentert noe på EARMAs konferanse tidligere. Bidrag fra Ekspert Evaluatorer er av spesiell interesse dette året.

Du må ikke være medlem av EARMA for å sende inn et bidrag.

Les mer om vilkår og betingelser for innsending av bidrag: Topic submission Terms and Conditions 

Les mer om retningslinjer for innsending av bidrag: Guide for Topic Proposers

Innsending av abstract kan gjøres via følgende lenke: https://www.earmaconference.com/
Portalen finner du under fanen Call for topics > Topics Submission

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INORMS 2020 – Hiroshima 25.-28. mai 2020

Informasjon om Early Bird Registration and Call for Abstracts for INORMS2020 er nå tilgjengelig på INORMS sine nettsider. Konferansens tema er Promoting Diversity in Research and Research Management Collaborations: More Trans-National, More Trans-Disciplinary, More Trans-Sectoral.

Påmelding til konferansen kan gjøres her.

Informasjon om frister og innsending av abstracts finnes her.

Upcoming EARMA events

EARMA has the following events coming up:

  1. The call for topics to present at the Bologna Conference (27-29 March 2019) is currently open: http://www.earmaconference.com/call-for-topics/abstract-submission/
  2. (4-10y of experience) The Certificate in Research Management will launch a new cohort on 7-9 October in Brussels in http://www.earma.org/earma-academy/certificate-in-research-management/course-units/ This will involve 5 one day face-to-face modules spread over 2 short trips to Brussels and 1 to Bologna. The rest of the work and the assessment will be online.
  3. (0-4y of experience) We have will have an Early Stage Research Administrator Masterclass on 15-16 November 2018 in Brussels. http://earma.wildapricot.org/event-2967609
  4. EARMA has launched a group on Ethics and Research Integrity which will have a meeting on 8 November in Brussels. This is for Ethics and Integrity officers or specialist (this is about practice, not the research in these area’s) http://earma.wildapricot.org/event-2967663

Future events will be visible in the event calendar: http://www.earma.org/events/

Comments or question? Contact earma@earma.org