Internasjonalt samarbeid

NARMA deltar aktivt på flere internasjonale nettverk og konferanser.

INORMS, the International Network of Research Management Societies, er et nettverk som samler forskningsadministrative nettverk fra hele verden. NARMA deltar i flere av INORMS arbeidsgrupper, les mer under INORMS i menyen.

Hiroshima Statement 2021: a common goal to improve our local, national, and global research landscapes

Under INORMS internasjonale kongress i mai 2021 ble “the Hiroshima Statement” med fem felles prinsipper og ansvarsområder for oss innen forskningsadministrasjon signert av medlemmene av INORMS Council.

Essential Practice of Research Management and Administration

The International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) enables interactions,
sharing of good practice, and joint activities between the member societies worldwide,
irrespective of their national political situation, to the benefit of their individual memberships.
We all face similar challenges and aspire to a common goal: to improve our local, national, and
global research landscapes. For this, we need a set of common principles, which are described in
this Statement.

Principles and Responsibilities

  1. Collegiate: RMAs work in partnership with researchers and other professionals to add value to
    the research enterprise. They share information and best practice among the research
  2. Inclusive: RMAs value the diversity of individuals, skills, and experiences in their profession and
    support a culture which embraces equity, fairness and inclusivity.
  3. Professional: RMAs have a responsibility to develop their knowledge and skills, and to mentor
    and train future RMA professionals and researchers.
  4. Innovative: RMAs should be innovative, responsive and resilient to operate in a rapidly
    changing research environment.
  5. Accountable: RMAs should be aware of the external regulatory environment and should
    ensure effective policies and procedures are in place to support best practice and integrity in

Her finner du pdf av the Hiroshima Statement

Du kan lese mer om det internasjonale samarbeidet i årsberetningen for 2020 her.