Professional Development program

In 2016 a project aimed at competence development for Research Administrators was established. The project is called The Path to EU Excellence, and the aim of the project is to develop a collective national Professional Development Program primarily for Norwegian Research Administrators.

The program’s Professional Development Framework was developed by actors from the NFR (The Norwegian Research Council), NARMA/UHR (The Norwegian Network for Research Administration,  The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions), FFA (The Norwegian Research Institute’s cooperative body) and Innovation Norway. The Professional Development Framework represents the knowledge and skills needed for Research Administrations, at different organizational levels, to operate within the field of research administration.

In 2017 NARMA/UHR, NFR and the University of Agder formed a 2,5-year project to map out, develop and coordinate competence development activities and measures throughout Norwegian universities, colleges and research institutes, that can be included as a part of the Professional Development Program.

If you have any questions concerning the Professional Development Program, please do not hesitate to contact us.