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Plan S Rights Retention Strategy Webinar

Starting in January 2021, cOAlition S Organisations are changing their grant conditions to mandate Open Access for all publications reporting original research supported in whole or in part by their funding.

cOAlition S Organisations offer three routes that allow their funded researchers to be compliant with this policy. Authors can publish in fully Open Access journals and platforms, they can self-archive a version of their paper, or they can publish in journals that are under a Transformative Arrangement.

cOAlition S has developed its Rights Retention Strategy to fully support the self-archiving route. The Rights Retention Strategy gives researchers the freedom to publish in their journal of choice, including subscription journals, whilst remaining fully compliant with Plan S. Authors only need to apply a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY) to (at least) the Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs) of their submissions.https://www.coalition-s.org/rights-retention-strategy/

Representatives from cOAlition S will describe the Rights Retention Strategy and its implementation, and will be available to answer any questions attendees may have about this initiative.



Read more on narma.no: https://narma.no/narma-aktiviteter/plan-s-rights-retention-strategy-webinar/

SCOPE – how you actually go about using metrics responsibly

We’ve got a shed load of principles now for responsible research metrics.

We have DORA, the Leiden Manifesto and the Metric Tide. We also have the many bespoke sets of principles being developed by individual organisations. And they’re great.

They provide a framework for evaluating responsibly which makes evaluators think and think again about their approaches. However, what they don’t provide is a how-to guide.

“INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group for evaluating responsibly” provide a model we’ve called ‘SCOPE’ on how you actually go about using metrics responsibly.

This model, as with all our work, is open to feedback to ensure it best serves the international communities we are a part of.

Please join the conversation on the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group discussion list, or contact me (mail to: Tanja Strøm) or the authors of the blog post below directly with your thoughts.

We’d love to hear from you.

 Introducing SCOPE – a process for evaluating  responsibly


Published on behalf of Tanja Strøm, member of INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group, Vice-Chairman at NARMA and Senior Adviser, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University