Stikkord: Research Integrity

Stikkordarkiv: Research Integrity

Upcoming EARMA events

EARMA has the following events coming up:

  1. The call for topics to present at the Bologna Conference (27-29 March 2019) is currently open:
  2. (4-10y of experience) The Certificate in Research Management will launch a new cohort on 7-9 October in Brussels in This will involve 5 one day face-to-face modules spread over 2 short trips to Brussels and 1 to Bologna. The rest of the work and the assessment will be online.
  3. (0-4y of experience) We have will have an Early Stage Research Administrator Masterclass on 15-16 November 2018 in Brussels.
  4. EARMA has launched a group on Ethics and Research Integrity which will have a meeting on 8 November in Brussels. This is for Ethics and Integrity officers or specialist (this is about practice, not the research in these area’s)

Future events will be visible in the event calendar:

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