EARMA Annual Conference 2017 – call for topics now open

EARMA – Call for Topics now open for 2017 Annual Conference in Malta. Deadline – December 14

The Conference Theme is «Negotiating Research: What is the best deal for Europe?» 

The EARMA Annual Conference Committee seeks current and thought-provoking topics and speakers who can engage their audiences with quality-driven content in lively and informative discussions.  As well as our core of active contributors, we particularly welcome submissions from new speakers. EARMA_logo_200

Session Formats:
The two basic types of session are oral or poster

Under Oral, there are following types:
Standard Presentation
Interactive Session
Closed Session

Standard Presentation
This is a presentation usually with one presenter. In cases where more than one speaker, please provide a justification.

Interactive Session
This can either be a panel session, in which experts are invited to give their views on an important issue or some other session involving interaction with the audience (excluding workshops, see above).
Please note, if submitting an Interactive session, it is important to be clear about how this is managed. If this is not clear, then it is unlikely to be selected. The person named as ‘corresponding author’ will be the main person responsible for organization of the session and acts as the main point of contact.
Bear in mind that a panel session should have a maximum of 4 (or preferably no more than 3) main speakers. Also ensure that the speakers will be available. If there is any doubt about this it is unlikely to be selected

Closed Session
Closed sessions are limited to meetings of EARMA’s collaborators. E.g Leiden Group.
If submitting an Interactive session or closed oral session, please make this clear in your Abstract.

Keynote Sessions
These are normally developed by the ACC working with the Board. However, if you think your session is worthy of consideration as a Keynote, please state this in the abstract.


Some topics can be best explained by an A0 poster on which an idea, new insight, process is presented. Posters should be designed in an attractive way since it is difficult to attract audience. Sometimes a poster session is better than an oralpresentation due to time constraints in the latter. During a typical oral presentation there is only 10-15 minutes for questions and comments while a poster session lasts for few hours, allowing for more in-depth discussions