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Science Communication for Societal Impact, AESIS

14/09/2021 - 17/09/2021
10:00 - 16:00

This September (14-17), the international Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science will be hosting our interactive online course on Science Communication for Societal Impact, aimed at those working within research management and administration.

Although the impact of science communication on society is indisputable, engaging with societal stakeholders is not per definition central to the routine of researchers, and often lacks routine and structure. As research managers and administrators are the ones able to create these structural pathways within institutions, we target this course at them in order to support their understanding of how science communication can go beyond one-way dissemination into exacting impact, such as through catalysing inter-sectoral partnerships and engagement with policymakers, and the structures that need to be in place in order to facilitate this.

Over 4 course days, experts involved in the field of Impact of Science and Science Communication will share their expertise and foster interactive discussions on topics such as:

  • How can knowledge exchange benefit from better communication strategies
  • How to connect stakeholders and remain impartial and trustworthy
    The role of intermediaries and social media
  • How to combine marketing capabilities and communication strategies
  • Pitfalls and challenges relating to how open science contributes to innovation and societal impact

NARMA members may register for the course at the reduced price of 950,- EUR (originally 1150,-EUR) by using the code SCICOM21/NARMA.

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