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SARIMA Virtual Conference: From Support to Strategy to Impact

04/08/2020 - 06/08/2020
00:00 - 23:59

The SARIMA Committee is excited to announce that the 2020 Conference will now be held as a Virtual Conference.

We encourage you to submit abstracts by Thursday 30 April 2020

2020 Conference Theme: 
 From Support to Strategy to Impact – Broadening the Scope of Research and Innovation Management

Research and Innovation Management has over the past few years grown as a profession and become a critical function in the establishment and growth of research portfolios in Higher Education and related institutions. The constant change in the HE landscape and new pressures on the system inevitably places new demands on institutions to respond and adapt, whilst still performing and distinguishing themselves. This requires proactive responses to the current dynamic and volatile external drivers for research, innovation and knowledge exchange.

Striving for research excellence, relevance, benefit and impact to society at large has inevitably broadened the scope of R&I Management.

No longer is this mainly a support function in institutions, but increasingly a strategic and guiding role to establish new fields of research, attract top researchers, increase multi-disciplinarity and to build new research endeavours to attract funding, attain sustainability, increase collaboration and to equip researchers with advanced tools and knowledge to better-achieve their goals.  Funders are driving the need for tangible impact of research outputs, increasing prominence of institutional innovation support, knowledge exchange and technology transfer.  Again, this requires a strategic drive to establish support mechanisms, incubate spin-off companies and develop research outputs for impact and recognise researchers for achievements in the innovation space. R&I Management is feeding into institutional decision-making, leading the development of research-related strategies and processes and increasing the palpable impact of the institution’s research. Our conference sessions will unpack some of the elements and issues involved and how it impacts the Research and Innovation Management function and networking and collaboration amongst different stakeholders.


To view the submission guidelines:  CLICK HERE

To view the screen shots of how to submit an abstract: CLICK HERE


Abstract Submission Deadline 31 March 2020 – Extension – 30 APRIL 2020
Accepted Abstract Notification 22 May 2020
1st Draft Programme May – June 2020
Final Programme Early June 2020
Day 1: 4 August 2020 Workshops
Day 2: 5 August 2020 Conference Full Day
Day 3: 6 August 2020 Conference Full Day

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